TAC-Scan - Tyre measurement goes digital
Step 1

Step 1: Attach wand to each tyre valve, software automatically records pressures.

Step 2

Step 2: Print report on integral printer and hand to driver - data uploads to USB stick.

Step 3

Step 3: Upload data to PC for future tyre analysis. Print out full report for records


AIR-Scan Pressure Testing Kit

If your business involves checking air pressure in tyres, then the AIR–Scan Kit is for you. Whether you want to check pressure on one vehicle or on a fleet of thousands, this state of the art, pressure measuring device will revolutionise your working day.

Using a high quality, digital pressure gauge connected to a handheld software system, you can quickly check all types of vehicle tyres in any weather conditions. Once you have taken your pressure reading, AIR–Scan then prints an on-site action report from its own thermal printer or you can transfer the captured data to a PC or laptop using the integrated memory stick.

There is no longer any need for manual data recording, time consuming manual uploading of information or long winded collation of data and statistics. The AIR–Scan Kit´s easy to use software does it all for you!

AIR–Scan is already proving invaluable for the bus and coach market where recorded pressure is a high priority. In addition, the Aviation industry, whose regulations require aircraft to be pressure tested on landing, is an area where this time saving, accurate data recording equipment can transform working practices.

The AIR–Scan Pressure Kit is either purchased as a stand alone product or you can buy AIR–Scan´s pressure wand as a bolt on to RL Automotive´s unique laser tread depth scanner, TAC–Scan. Using the same sophisticated, easy to use software, both tread depth and air pressure can quickly and accurately be recorded and stored in one go. For fleet management, customer confidence or standardised legal requirements, these measurement solutions, with their patented technology, are unique in the tyre industry.

For customers who have a lower requirement for tread depth measurement, the AIR-Scan kit includes a traditional Digital Tread Depth Gauge. For customers who have a similar requirement for Pressure and Tread measurement we recommend the AIR–Scan gauge be purchased as a bolt on product to our Tread depth scanner, TAC–Scan. Compatible software then seamlessly combines the devices to produce a portable tyre measurement solution for even the most complex of fleets.

Incorrect tyre inflation can decrease fuel efficiency by 20%, so with regular pressure testing you are not only doing your bit for the environment, but cutting your fuel costs at the same time!


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Product Features


The AIR-Scan Kit comprises


Rechargeable Battery operated handheld unit for data collection


3 Day battery life with 3 hour Fast Charger


0-150psi digital pressure stick with direct connection to handheld unit


0-25mm digital tread depth gauge


Thermal Printer with direct connection to handheld unit for on-site action reports


USB Memory stick for data transfer




In addition…


Data is held on the unit even if power is lost.


Unit storage capacity for 200 vehicles


Product comes with a 12 month, no quibble Guarantee and Full Technical Support.


Service Replacement Package available on request.