Bus and Coach Fleet Management
Step 1

Step 1: Attach wand to each tyre valve, software automatically records pressures.

Step 2

Step 2: Print report on integral printer and hand to driver - data uploads to USB stick.

Step 3

Step 3: Upload data to PC for future tyre analysis. Print out full report for records.


Bus and Coach Fleet Management

Air Pressure Testing


Since the recent launch of the AIR–Scan Pressure Kit, it has become increasingly apparent that Bus and Coach Fleet management can be transformed by its technology.

Throughout the global automotive industry, the Bus & Coach Sector has stringent regulations and requirements concerning maintenance of correct Tyre Pressure which AIR-Scan is uniquely placed to satisfy. Now, for the first time, you can reliably and accurately measure, record and report Fleet data using only one sophisticated, yet affordable device; AIR-Scan.

Rechargeable and highly portable, the AIR–Scan Pressure Kit uses a high quality pressure wand connected to a sophisticated, yet easy to use, hand held computer to let you quickly input or recall vehicle ID and then effortlessly measure and store tyre pressure data about each individual tyre. Once captured by AIR-Scan´s revolutionary software, the reportability potential of your data is extensive. The first option available to you is to print out an instant action report on any wheel, or any vehicle, from AIR-Scan´s robust thermal printer. However, in addition to this instant report facility, you can also upload the pressure data to your computer at any time (or email it to company headquarters) so that AIR-Scan´s Diagnostic Software package can efficiently create sophisticated, customised Fleet Audits, Fleet Summaries, Action Reports or statistical analysis for your business.

Saving time, effort and money by using AIR-Scan to help manage your Fleet makes economic sense, but it is surely good to know that it also helps contribute to a greener planet. AIR–Scan´s accurate technology quickly highlights wrongly inflated tyres that lead to a 20% decrease in fuel efficiency. The associated costs and potential damage of incorrect inflation – both to your business and to your planet – need never concern you again.

Until RL Automotive completes development of a remote sensor wand for AIR-Scan pressure measurements, we would recommend that you replace any traditional screw–on dustcaps with our flip–top dustcaps that allow for even quicker – yet no less accurate – pressure testing.

Tread Depth Testing


If your business is also involved in tyre Tread Depth measurement, you might like to combine your AIR–Scan purchase with our software compatible tread depth Scanner, TAC–Scan. Working together as a single measurement solution, AIR–Scan and TAC–Scan allow you to accurately measure tyre tread and air pressure at the same time, whilst usefully recording the information to suit our increasingly modernised automotive industry. For more information on TAC–Scan´s revolutionary way of testing tread depth, please visit our TAC–Scan page.

Our products measure tyres, so you can manage tyres.


Product Features


The AIR-Scan Kit comprises


Rechargeable Battery operated handheld unit for data collection


3 day battery life with 3 hour charger


0-150psi digital pressure stick with direct connection to handheld unit


0-25mm digital tread depth gauge


Thermal Printer with direct connection to handheld unit for on-site action reports


USB Memory stick for data transfer




In addition…


Data stored even if power is lost.


Data storage for 200 vehicles


Product comes with a 12 month, no quibble Guarantee and Full Technical Support.


Service Replacement Package available on request.


Full CE Accreditation