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Modern Tyre management systems that increase efficiency, allow computerised reportability and save up to 20% on your fuel costs.

Essential army efficiency and traditional high standards, coupled with the modern world´s constant requirement for a high state of readiness within our armed forces, make it an accepted fact that army equipment is maintained, at all times, to the highest of standards.

Commanders on the ground need to know, with complete certainty, that the basic transport equipment required to move their troops around is road worthy, legal and as economic on fuel as possible. This is a certainty required across the board – on a battlefield, on Peace Keeping duties or simply on manoeuvres – and is where we can help. Our portable, versatile products, TAC–Scan and AIR–Scan, can provide a unique support service by monitoring and tracking the condition of all tyres on military vehicles. TAC–Scan and AIR–Scan are revolutionary measuring devices which quickly and effortlessly provide a computerised level of accurate tyre tread condition data or air pressure levels. The data you gather can either be printed directly off the devices themselves, or quickly uploaded or emailed for maintenance and analysis purposes through to the creation of rapid, customised audits of a Regiment´s vehicle fleet.

With the ability to capture, store and print out tyre tread condition on anything from an individual tyre to an entire fleet, TAC–Scan´s easy to use, yet sophisticated, software package dramatically shortens the manual time required for fleet auditing, whilst giving you a computerised database of a Fleet history which itself provides procurement and budgeting projections. Measurement through to audit is all achieved through a laser accurate, accessible computerised system that is configured to almost all axles. In addition to TAC–Scan´s revolutionary tread condition analysis, AIR–Scan instantly links air pressure measurements to our patented software package to quickly highlight incorrect inflation and save you up to 20% on fuel costs. Savings are also made by preventing unexpected roadside blow outs, uneven wear damage and other tyre related expenses in a fleet.

It makes sense to keep your unit ready – and what better way to start than with the wheels which keep you moving? Find out more about TAC–Scan or AIR–Scan or Contact us for a discussion on how our modern tyre management products can provide a customised solution to assist with increased efficiency, safety and financial savings.