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Police and Emergency Services

RL Automotive´s tyre measurement solutions, TAC–Scan and AIR–Scan, have already been requested for trials with police forces in the UK and Scandinavia. In addition to their use as fleet management tools for police vehicles,
the dual potential of these measurement devices is particularly clear within a Police environment:

Firstly, they can be used as tools for checking or enforcing tread depth and inflation regulations.

Secondly, they can be vital as accurate recording systems of forensic evidence at accident or incident/collision sites. In both applications, TAC–Scan and AIR–Scan have the unique ability to record, store and print the information captured. In addition, when uploaded to a computer, the diagnostic software allows customised reports on anything from a member of the public´s individual wheel to a fleet audit of the tyre condition of police vehicles.

Portable and easy to use, TAC–Scan and AIR–Scan´s unique technology combines with sophisticated software to allow both tread depth and air pressure to be quickly and effortlessly recorded whenever and wherever required. (Both devices work off a powerful, rechargeable battery and will store data safely even if power is lost).

For measurements of vehicle fleets within a depot or at a police station, the Floor version of TAC–Scan would be recommended whilst the use of the smaller, more portable Hand Held Version, which can be easily stored in the boot of a car, is likely to suit better for unexpected measurement situations out on the road.

Find out more about TAC–Scan or AIR–Scan or Contact us for a discussion on how our modern tyre management products can provide a customised solution to assist with increased efficiency, safety and financial savings.

Police and Emergency Services
Police and Emergency Services