F–1 Floor Model

F-1 Floor Model

H–1 Handheld Model

H-1 Handheld Model

DO–1 Drive Over Model

DO-1 Drive Over Model

Models to suit all applications

TAC-Scan is the 21st Century answer to tyre tread measurement. Unique laser technology scans the tyre, and provides a quantitative measurement of tyre tread depth to an accuracy of 0.1 mm, then produces an accurate report in a matter of seconds.

Picking up alignment and inflation issues as it goes, the easy to use software lets you print a report from the scanner itself or take the captured data back to the office via a memory stick. From there it is your choice how to use data on an individual vehicle or an entire fleet.

Currently available in three models; The F–1 Floor Standing Version, the H–1 Hand–Held Version and the DO–1 Drive–Over Version. All models have a common purpose; to provide accurate, real–time, tyre tread measurement. In addition, they allow for an instant report for the customer and software storage of scanned data for analysis and planning in Fleet Management.


All 3 models feature the following specifications and are sold with a full 12 month guarantee and Techinical Support:

  • Laser Measurement System provides accuracy of 0.1mm
  • Scans up to a 330mm (13") tread width in just 5 seconds
  • Measures tread depth across 600 data points on a 330mm tyre
  • Data is held on the unit if power is lost – capacity for over 250 vehicles
  • Portable models are fully rechargeable – Fast Charger included
  • USB Bar Code Scanner or Magnetic Card Reader for quick vehicle ID entry
  • Scan from 1 to 18 wheels in the most axle configurations
  • F-1 floor model weights only 6kgs, providing excellent portability
  • Utilises a Class II laser with less than 1 mW of laser output power
  • NEMA 5/IP52 rating provides resistance to dust, dirt and water
  • PC Based Diagnostic Software Package provides customised report that includes tyre tread profile, tread depths, inflation pressure, customer/vehicle information and recommended actions
  • Patented Worldwide, CE certified

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